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Gentlemen, It's time!

Sethorus a posted Aug 23, 12

Seems it's time for the countdown for the last 2 days for the game release.

Also adding, WoodenPotatoes just added part 5 of his GW1 Lore series, check it out if you're interested

Recruitment Form

Sethorus a posted Jul 30, 12

Visitors, please take your time to fill the recruitment form if you are interested in joining the guild, it's highly difficult that you can join the guild without knowing someone from here without a recruitment form, it's fast to take so please do it :)!

GW Lore

Sethorus a posted Jul 14, 12
A post is being made in the General Discussion area regarding the lore from the games, it includes a lot of very good movies from youtube which gives a very good explanation about the lore, check them out, I recommend
Eric Flannun and Colin Johanson from ArenaNet are going to be on Twitch TV to talk about RPG evolution and Guild Wars 2.
Watch it here:

Greetings Everyone

Sethorus a posted Jul 8, 12

Hello everyone, we are Another One Bites the [Dust], most of us are Old timer Guild Wars 1 and WoW players who have decent knowledge on MMORPGs. We will be at Desolation Homeworld when the game launches. The video above is our greeting card and we got a bit of fame because of that lol. Well anyway, we will focus on everything, be PvP or PvE and Dungeons. Whoever is interested, please make your apply.
Thanks in advance and have a great time.
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The guild now have more than 50 members, I am trying to get more than 100 members
reanimating the forum chat
Can anyone else connect to the game, i keep getting error 42 ?
What are you character names ?
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